Muscle Shoals and Florence Alabama

Sue and I left Saturday Labor Day weekend to visit Shadow and tour surrounding cities.
We hustled down to Muscle Shoals for the last tour at Muscle Shoals studio famous for world class artists like Cher, Rolling Stones, Greg Almond, Leon Russell, Kris Kristopherson, Joni Mitchell and more. The studio was unassuming but our guide/storyteller brought life to each story.
We found a local hotel and dined in Florence Alabama. River cities have a style all their own. Folks were just coming out of Covid hibernation and live music was getting tuned up.
We rose early the next morning and toured Florence.
We found the Frank Lloyd Wright house and toured the grounds.
We went to the City Park overlooking the Dam. Worked on boat some and then proceeded to Savannah and the Covid Motel. It was a special room 22 with 3 beds. Went to dinner at Hagey Catfish Motel and got great food and Tshirts.
Next morning dined at Pancake House w pistol toatin coffee servers. Went to boat and worked on wood.


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