Mobile Bay Boat Work

Nelson Miller, Tim Parshall and I arrived at Turner Marina in Mobile ready for work on Thursday, March 11, 2021. From Thursday to Saturday we accomplished over 36 items. We were preparing to sail to Carrabelle, Florida over 270 miles away. We would encounter Spring Break party boats, pods of dolphins, giant standing waves, bad weather, great food with old and new friends.

Mobile Boat Repairs

  1. Mast wiring: anchor, steam, VHF, Wind
  2. Auto bilge wiring
  3. Oil filter
  4. Primary fuel filter. Racor model 500fgss
  5. Secondary fuel filter
  6. Tighten steering
  7. Replace bolt in heat ex changer
  8. Clean up wiring to panel
  9. Repair mainstay halyard and halyard knot
  10. Add 10” to mainstay base to stop fraying
  11. Add flag halyard
  12. Add VHF Radio
  13. NEMA Backbone
  14. Run new NMEA cable up binnacle. Drill new hole. Bit stuck and take off.
  15. Build and attach POD
  16. Mount new Garmin GNX 20 color monitor
  17. Mount GNX 10 black box
  18. Mount new Anchor light
  19. Mount new VHF antenna
  20. Mount new steaming light
  21. Mount Garmin GNX wind transducer
  22. Install new Garmin DST 810 thru hull transducer
  23. Install new USB plug at helm
  24. Remount table with plastic mounts and take off extenders
  25. Reattach Bimini
  26. Configure Garmin instruments after numerous calls to Garmin
  27. Scrub down boat with Clorox
  28. Repair water leak
  29. Repair starter wiring
  30. Mount inverter
  31. Reposition Refrigerator
  32. Fill icebox w ice
  33. Repair trim
  34. Reglass hull at keel, bottom paint.
  35. Apply Shadow name to stern
  36. Cleaned jib track cars
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