GreenTurtleBay to Rock Harbor Marina


Arrive Monday afternoon w Nelson.

Rain in afternoon. Had a good meeting w Dana at Southwestern

Started raining and we waited for a window to go to boat. Had a Rusty nail. We sat for a while and then off loaded gear. Engine took a minute to start. Nelson was nervous and I had faith she would start. She purred. Went to Patti’s for dinner and back to hotel


Day 1. April 30 Tuesday

Up early.

Dense fog advisory till 9

No fog on river.

Cast off lines 7:40

Arrive 3:15

7 hrs.

Take off and a little smoke coming from engine turns out it burned off. Oil pressure seems low called Vague. Ok.

Ran out of gas but switched tanks and worked. Needed to be leveled.

Lousy Waffle House sandwich.

Beautiful day. Smoked cigar and listening to Van Morrison



Mm 56.4 11:36 can see bridge


62.4 mm see Bridge


Run out of gas a 2nd time only using 2/3 tank and had to pee so bad went.

Starts back up but ignition loose.

Pass two barges and speak to both.

Nelson and I both cancer survivors are glad to be back on river. Day is heating up. General nervousness typical first day stuff. Lots of unknowns. Zyg tracking us on Navionics.

Phone screen gets hard to read.

AC texts and calls several times. He is there to greet us at Bumpus. Fills tanks. Cold beer. Golf cart to cabin. Love the cabin.

We are mentally exhausted sit down for Rusty nail and cigar. After an hour or two go back to boat and work. Clean up, add oil, repair ignition, rig tarp as Bimini

Head back to room for sandwich and apple then shower and bed.

What do you call being willing to take a sail in unknown boat w issues in a four day trip. Faith or folly.

Nelson has been an excellent partner.


Day 2. May 1

Depart 7:15


Nice morning 60 sunshine

2nd tank refill at 9:40

Passed Dover Island




Clarksville is mm127 we are at 92 now at 9:42. 35 miles to go avg 6mph


Cumberland City



Refilled at 11:07

Cumberland City



Fill d tank at 12:35

16 miles to go.

Just 111.8 12:43

16 miles to go. Mostly clear sky’s. 80 temp light winds. Very nice


Mm 114 at 1.02


Changed tanks 1:48

Mm 121


Arrive 3:25

9.8 gal

8 hr. 10 min

1.25 gal per hour

Mm 127.3


Bumpus 77 mm


50 miles

5 miles to gallon


Day Three

Depart Clarksville 6.30

127.3 to 175


148.7 Cheatum Dam


Depart Clarksville 6.30 clear cool beautiful



Mike 132 7:15

Mm 134 7:37

Mm 137 8.03


Swapped 1st tank 8.20

Mm 143 9.09

Mm 144 9.30

Lock 148.7

Swapped tank 9.45


Rock Harbor 175

26 miles

Arrive 3.30

Mm153 11.30

Swapped tank 12:05


Mm 159 12.30

Mm 164 1.30


Switched tank 1.30


Mm167 2 pm


Mm 169 2.13


Arrive 3:25






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