Carrabelle to FtMyers Beach

Tuesday April 27, 2021

After a long night of being battered we arrived at the entrance to Tarpon Springs. We considered going further south to Tampa due to strong winds and waves, but after talking to Zyg we decided to enter. What an unexpected paradise.

We landed at Tarpon Springs Marina and greeted by Nick who was a welcoming soul. After catching our breath and thanking God we survived, I checked the V birth and found over 50 gallons of water in the holds. Left over Covid toilet paper was soaked as well as all my clothes. A profound sense of satisfaction begins to set in.

A Greek culture is hidden here in Florida. Sponge was discovered here and brought by the Greeks. Greek is still spoken and filled with Greek design and restaurants. Greek eateries line waterfront Dodecanese Boulevard, a legacy of the Greek sponge divers who settled here in the early 1900s. Along the water, the Historic Sponge Docks are a reminder of the once booming industry. The 1940s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church has stained glass and a Grecian marble altar.


Nelson and I Uber to B21 liquor store for LePanto Spanish cognac aged in sherry casks.

We walked over to Rusty Bellies a delicious seafood restaurant and a 30 minute wait. We considered leaving but I walked into the bar. My Ron White persona got us a quick table and new friends. Great scallops and waitress. We bought a skillet from the kitchen.

Docked next to us was the UK Lelee owned by Sue and her husband. Tim exchanged submarine stuff with her brother.

Tim and I motor over for fuel and run aground twice.

Next we sailed to Bradenton and met Henry Bedford, my Sewanee classmate and Nelson’s long time friend. Henry had a friend motor him out to meet us and he jumped aboard and guided us to his dock and home.

Beautiful home. We cook tenderloin and Mango Snapper with 2 rich bottles of wine.


Henry cooks fabulous breakfast and then we go to the beach. It warmed my soul to finally put my feet on sand and swim in the ocean.

Pina Coladas. Then lunch w grouper.

Go home and we all siesta.  Mexican dinner. Discover Henry and Tom Seigenthaler and Tupper Saussy were friends.

Next we sailed to Venice. It is always concerning to enter a new port. Beautiful sail with light winds. Enter Venice with people every where. Intercoastal becomes increasing busy and frustrating. We cross numerous bridges and finally found a peaceful anchorage at Cape Haze. Steaks for dinner.  Emerson Lake and Palmer. Kentucky Derby. Stars. Awesome.


We then sailed to North Captiva Island where cousin Zeke lives and anchored.

Decide not to go to Burnt Store but on to North Captiva. We arrive around 10.30 and slowly approach and drop anchor. We deploy the Lord Nelson with dolphin swimming around. Have lunch and a few beers. Walk over to get Zeke’s golf cart. Beautiful day. Sad to see Zeke’s place without Ashlyn. Scallop and frozen salad for dinner. 


Dinghy over to house to use bathroom before departing for Ft Myers beach.

Long sail around Sanibel. Waze leads us to wrong bridge. Call Zyg and we have to turn around and back track to right bridge.  After crossing bridge Navionics tries to take right into 1 foot water. We turn around immediately and head back out to open waters. Call Zyg again to discuss big open  water and poor charts. We  finally arrived in Ft Myers Beach and met by our good friend Zyg Durski.

The dock hand says try Pink Shell Marina. Craig was great. Big pool and nice bar. Zeke and Zyg join us for dinner at Rheas.We all had a blast.


Tim decides to fly home. I drive home with Zyg and we drop off Nelson at his sisters. A great life changing trip.


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