Hurricane Ian and more

Sept. 28, 2022
Ian made landfall Sept. 28, 2022, in the Fort Myers area as a Category 4 hurricane. The ferocious 150-mph winds pushed ashore feet of water from the Gulf of Mexico that tore through homes and businesses along the coast.  
After a month of searching and calling I finally discovered where Shadow landed in the mangroves. I made a trip down but could not find anyone to take me into the mangroves. Next my son Robbie and I travelled and penetrated the mangroves and recovered items off the boat. One funny story, we first noticed the dingy engine was gone. Moments later Robbie saw a note and someone in distress borrowed it and left a phone number. We called and went and picked it up.
Six months later, after 3 months of neck rehab, prostate surgery and the hardest blow my dog Max was killed, I am recovering. I have a new dog Gus, surgery went well and I have a new boat, Northstar 500.



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